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Strawberry Charlotte


Gateau Charlotte Au Fraise: Indulge in a Strawberilicious Delight!Inspired by the classic French layer cake called Charlotte, this 7-inch premium cake is a strawberry lover's dream come true.

Crafted with precision, our Gateau Charlotte Au Fraise features layers of delectable strawberry bavaroise and a luscious mixed berries compote. Encased within a delicate layer of ladyfinger sponge, every bite offers a symphony of flavours.

To enhance its elegance, this luxurious creation is beautifully adorned with fresh strawberries, velvety fresh cream, delicate mint leaves, and a touch of edible gold leaves. It's a visual and culinary masterpiece that will leave you wanting more.

With our same-day delivery service in KL, you can enjoy this decadent delight at its freshest. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself, our Gateau Charlotte Au Fraise is a sweet choice.

Standard Candle &knife Included. Same Day Delivery KL

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Customer Reviews

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Friend says its delicious!

I purchased this cake for my friend's birthday, and she absolutely adored it! She even remarked on its incredible flavour and how it wasn't overly sweet. What's more, her elderly parents couldn't resist taking generous slices as well. Price wise, is super reasonable and the size is larger than expected. Will surely support again.


Ordered for mum's bday. This is such an elegant cake. And it tastes exquisite. Even my boys went for second helpings ..and they don't like patisseries. Thank you 🥰 (shout out to the extremely fast delivery 🙌)

Yums again!

Ordered this so many times! Fresh, refreshing, pretty! My family and friends loves it, definitely one of our top requests for parties. Have tried many strawberry cakes and we keep coming back to this one. Thank you Little Black Pastry Box!

Maddie Lee
Strawberry Charlotte

Appearance wise did not look as per what was advertised. In the ad, the strawberry looked like there was a lot.
Taste wise it was quite nice however the lady finger sponge was a bit soggy.

wendy Leong

Thanks for timely delivery service and the cake taste great !