Chef Jean Francois


founding Director of "JFA Consultancies & Trainings" in 2013 where world-class pastry consultancy and training is provided to Companies, Hotels, Institutes and Individuals. Chef Jean Francois travels all over Asia & Middle East conducting workshops on Pastry, Chocolate Pralines, Viennoiserie, Ice cream and artistic Sugar Work. He is Pastry Ambassador for Fonterra a New Zealand Company, Conducts research and development for the Haagen-Dazs Company, Pastry Consulting for Club Med Hotels and Resorts. Contributes to professional pastry articles “Thuries Gastronomic Magazine”, “Pastry and Baking Magazine”, “Cuisine & Wine Asia”.

chef cindy chan


We, at Little Black Pastry Box strive to create and curate delicate journeys for all your senses. Founded by Cindy Chan and her partner Jean-Francois Arnaud, Little Black Pastry Box hopes to enrich and sweeten your journeys with our curated patisserie gift sets and treats. 

- While the basic origins of pastry can be traced back to ancient Mediterranean civilisations, it is in France that the desserts and pastries were perfected and was set the gold standard. Today, the term ‘patisserie’ remains a legally controlled title in France and Belgium that may only be used by pastry shops that employ a licensed “maître pâtissier”.