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Mango Kiwi Mini 30

Party Box


Step into a world of exquisite flavors as you savor our Mini Fruit Tartlettes. Each delectable morsel offers a symphony of taste and texture, boasting dainty 2-inch pastry shells brimming with velvety vanilla custard cream and adorned with a vibrant medley of ripe mango and zesty kiwi.

Notable Features:

  • Fruit Harmony: Our Mini Fruit Tartlettes epitomize the tropical sweetness of mangoes, harmoniously entwined with the invigorating tartness of kiwi. This perfect balance dances gracefully with the indulgent vanilla custard cream.

  • Petite Elegance: These petite 2-inch wonders are perfect for refined snacking, lending an air of sophistication to any occasion.

30 Mini Fruit Tartlettes, ensuring an abundance to delight in and share with your cherished friends and family.

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Customer Reviews

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Leonilda Rajalingam
Bite sized pieces of heaven

Got these for a Father’s Day celebration. Everyone loved them. Delicious, perfectly sized and a great addition to any celebration. Thank you

Mango kiwi mini

Taste great. My children love them