Croissant Roots

The origins of the croissant can be traced back to the 13th century when the Ottoman Turks introduced a similar pastry known as the "kifli" to Austria. The kifli was a crescent-shaped, layered pastry made with butter and yeast. It quickly became popular in Austria and other parts of Europe.

The Croissant Story

We take pride in crafting French croissants using only the finest ingredients. We understand that using premium ingredients is crucial in delivering the authentic essence of French cuisine. By selecting only the finest French butter, we ensure that our croissants maintain the traditional characteristics that have made them a beloved delicacy worldwide.

French Butter

French butter is renowned for its exceptional quality, rich flavor, and velvety texture. It is made using traditional methods, emphasizing the use of high-quality cream sourced from grass-fed cows. This results in a butter that is remarkably creamy, with a distinctively luxurious taste that sets it apart.

From the moment our croissants are carefully handcrafted to the time they arrive at your doorstep, we prioritize maintaining the integrity and quality of each pastry. Our dedicated bakers work tirelessly to ensure that the flakiness and buttery goodness of our croissants are preserved, so you can enjoy the taste of France in every bite.