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The French Canele


The French canelé, also known as cannelé or cannelé bordelais, is a delightful pastry that originates from the Bordeaux region in southwestern France. This small, cylindrical treat is known for its dark, caramelized crust and a soft, custard-like interior. The canelé is a beloved specialty in France and has gained popularity around the world for its unique texture and flavor.

The exact origins of the canelé are uncertain, but it is believed to have originated in the 18th century in the city of Bordeaux. The pastry is said to have been created by nuns from the local convents who would use leftover egg yolks from the winemaking process. Bordeaux is renowned for its wine production, and egg whites were often used in the clarification of the wines. This left the nuns with an abundance of egg yolks, which they creatively incorporated into various recipes, including the canelé.

Initially, the canelé was made as a rustic, home-baked treat. It gained popularity among locals and was eventually introduced to the wider public. As its popularity grew, the canelé began to be produced commercially, and dedicated canelé bakeries emerged in Bordeaux. These establishments specialized in perfecting the art of making canelés, ensuring that the pastries maintained their signature texture and flavor.

The traditional recipe for canelé consists of simple ingredients: milk, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and vanilla. The batter is typically made by combining these ingredients and allowing it to rest for several hours or overnight. The resting period allows the flavors to develop and the batter to thicken. After resting, the batter is poured into small, cylindrical copper molds that have been coated with beeswax and butter to create the distinct caramelized crust.

The canelé is baked at a high temperature, which causes the exterior to caramelize and form a crunchy, dark brown crust. The interior remains soft and custard-like, with a rich vanilla flavor. The contrast between the crispy exterior and the tender interior is what makes the canelé so unique and delightful.

Over time, the canelé has become a symbol of Bordeaux's culinary heritage. It is often enjoyed as a breakfast pastry, dessert, or a sweet snack with a cup of coffee. In recent years, the popularity of the canelé has spread beyond Bordeaux, and you can now find variations of this delectable treat in many parts of France and around the world.

The French canelé is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the nuns in Bordeaux, who transformed leftover ingredients into a beloved pastry. Its humble origins and unique texture have made it a cherished delicacy that continues to captivate the taste buds of pastry enthusiasts worldwide.

The French canelé. Same day delivery Klang Valley.

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