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Que Quiche?

Quiche, with its origins in the medieval German kingdom of Lothringen, has become an iconic dish in French culinary history. The name "quiche" itself is derived from the German "kuchen," meaning cake. Initially a humble open-faced pastry filled with eggs and cream, the dish underwent transformation in 16th-century Lorraine with the incorporation of local cheeses.

The classic Quiche Lorraine, a symbol of French gastronomy, emerged with the addition of bacon or lardons to the custard-like filling. As French cuisine gained international acclaim, so did the quiche, becoming a celebrated dish around the world. Its adaptability allowed for creative variations, incorporating a spectrum of ingredients.

In the 20th century, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, quiche experienced a surge in popularity in the United States and beyond, solidifying its status as a sophisticated yet approachable French culinary creation. Today, quiche remains a beloved dish globally, showcasing the enduring influence and appeal of French culinary traditions.

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