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Le Goûter Duo

Our Le Goûter Myrtille and Le Goûter Salé is a match made in heaven. Indulge in these two boxes of sweet and savory pastry to complete your afternoon tea. This box comes with four complimentary Gyphon tea bags.

Le Goûter Myrtille

Chocolate Tartelette : Valrhona Manjari cream & candied cherries on a sable tartelette

Salted Caramel Macaron : Salted butter caramel cream in between 2 macaron shells

Blueberry Vol-Au-Vent : Cream cheese, red fruit jelly & fresh blueberries in a puff pastry shell

Chocolate Éclair : Éclair with chocolate cream & chocolate glazing

Caneles De Bordeaux : Baked Madagascar vanilla custard with a caramelised crust & a creamy interior, a specialty of Bordeaux, region in France

Lemon Tartelette : Lemon curd & meringue petals on a sable tartelette

Le Goûter Salé 

Thermidor vol-au-vent puff pastry with thermidor butter and prawns

Quiche Mushroom & spinach quiche

Sandwich Tuna sandwich with tomato, cucumber & salad

Salmon Puff Puff pastry with salmon mousse & smoked salmon

Mini pie Creamy chicken & mushroom pie

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