We believe that every woman has a little black dress hidden somewhere in the depths of their closet for the moment when it matters most. This simple yet seductive dress is what gets women through literally any occasion in life, be it a first date or to hit back at a cheating ex. Whatever it is, the little black dress is the only outfit which will always be the perfect fit, day or night.


Introducing, our little black pastry box, the final puzzle piece to make it complete. Indulge in artisan hand crafted pastries made fresh with love, perfect for that sinful guilty pleasure which everyone should have stashed in that secret fridge compartment at home. Perfect even as a gift for loved ones for any occasion, a box of sweet happiness to turn that frown upside down. Oh and Shhhh! It’s okay if you are getting a little black pastry box or two for your own personal indulgence. We won’t tell. Promise, it’s our little secret!

  • Jean Francois Arnaud

    Un des Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000. Master Pastry Chef & Mentor

  • Cindy Chan

    Pastry Chef & Co Founder

  • Eleeza Firdaus Quah


  • Terence Ting


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